• Fish & Olive Creations

    The potter, Katharina Bolesch, and the jewellery designer and artisan, Alexander Reichardt, live and work in the village of Chalki, on Naxos Island in Cyclades, where they have their workshop and gallery shop L’ Olivier under the international name Fish and Olive.
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  • Naxos Tours

    Naxos Tours is the oldest travel agency on the island of Naxos. It is in operation since 1977, offering the most comprehensive services regarding transport from and to the nearby islands, Athens, Thessalonica and Crete, as well. In addition, it provides its clients with all the services they need to have a wonderful time on Naxos Island.
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  • Oceanmojo

    On the coastal road of Chora, in a renovated place Oceanmojo is open from the evening until the early morning hours in order to offer you the most unforgettable nights on the island of Naxos. The variety of cocktails, the music and the excellent service in combination with the nice environment will definitely reward you for your choice.
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  • Stou Vasilarakiou

    In a beautiful, renovated place, located in the village of Kinidaros, you will have the chance to enjoy local meat of fine quality. Our tavern, with a long history in the island’s gastronomy, can offer you a delicious meal, always faithful in quality and tradition. Our prices and our excellent service will definitely compensate you for driving up to here.
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  • Citron

    In our shop “Citron”, located on the costal road of Chora, you can taste and buy all of our products as well as to enjoy some exquisite cocktails. We are open all day long offering traditional breakfast and snacks, sweets and ice creams made of fresh Naxian products, wines of excellent quality and drinks from all over the world.
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  • Agyra Studios

    Agyra Studios is a new studios complex, situated in a quiet location, just a few metres away from the marvellous beach of Agios Prokopios on Naxos Island. The complex consists of spacious, beautifully decorated and fully equipped studios that are able to accommodate from one to four people. They have a nice view to the sea and they are an excellent choice for some relaxing and comfortable holidays. Visit website
  • Distillery of M.G. Vallindras

    In the historic centre of Chalki resides since 1896 the oldest distillery of Naxos, owned to M.G. Vallindras. This distillery, which is still in operation, produces with the same recipe for five generations now this unique spirit from the leaves of citron tree called “Citron of Naxos”.
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  • Deountas

    Welcome to Deoudas Tavern for one of the best dining experiences you can have on the island of Naxos. We serve only fresh products and our staff can offer you the best possible service so as to feel like eating at home. Our prices along with the nice environment, since it is located on the coastal road of Chora, will make you experience some very special moments.
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  • Penelope

    The loom is a wooden machine used in Greece since Homer’s era for weaving several fabrics. Penelope used to weave during the day and unpick the loom at night so as to deceive the suitors until Odysseus return home
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  • Palatiana

    The "Palatiana", is a family run business, ideally located in the quiet village of Galini, only 7 kilometres from the town and port of Naxos and 800 meters from the beach of Amitis, thanks to the strong winds blowing in the region, is considered to be one of the most ideal beaches of Naxos in Power Kiting, Kite Surfing or Stunt Kite Flying.
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  • Naxos Mare

    On this magical island, characterized by strong landscape changes and close to one of the most beautiful beaches of Cyclades, Agia Anna, in a friendly and calm environment, the hotel Naxos Mare is located. Recently built, with respect to the traditional Cycladic architecture, it generously shows the Greek hospitality to its visitors.
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