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Temple of Demetra in Gyroulas (Sagri)

It is located a few km after Sagri while you will also see a road sign on your left shortly before entering the village.

Temple of Apollo in Palatia (Portara)

It is about the most imposing “door” of Cyclades, known as Portara to the locals which is located in the area of Palatia (“Palaces”).  

Temple of Dionysus in Iria

Only 3km away from Chora of Naxos in the area of Livadia, you will meet one of the most holy places of the Aegean Sea.

The Tower of Cheimarros

It is one of the most important monuments of Naxos and a point of reference of the island along with Portara (gate). It is located between the village of Filoti and the bay of Kalados.  

Kouros of Melanes

Driving from Melanes to the village of Kynidaros you will meet a road sign leading to the ancient quarry of Flerio and to the homonymous Kouros.

Kouros of Apollonas

In the northern part of Naxos, in the picturesque fishing village of Apollonas, you will meet the ancient quarry at the entance of the settlement.

The aqueduct of Lygdamis in Melanes

The region of Melanes abundant in waters had an important position on the island of Naxos even since antiquity.  

Tower of Plaka

It is located near the village of Tripodes on the top of Strouboulas hill overlooking the valley of Plaka and the waterfall.
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