The island has seen an unprecedented participation during the celebration of its carnival customs and people embraced and participated with enthusiasm  the various events.
God Dionysus had its honor at Chora of Naxos where celebrations like “Methidotia” and “Torch-Race” took place for the first time with more than 700 participants. The Sunday, last day, of the Carnival ended with lots of people participating and having a great time.
On Friday night Dionysus was accompanied by carnival groups such as Mainades and Satoiri to the custom of Methidotia. Dance and live music matched perfectly with the mood and dancing movements of the participating groups. The event finished at the beach of Chora with a special feast to the god, where raki with honey was plenty along with dance and music until late at night. 
On Saturday night lots of people went to the Castle holding a white sheet and made the people passing by to wonder. Of course, they were directed from the School of Oursoulines to prepare for the “Torch-Race”, which this year surpassed any expectation regarding participation with more than 700 persons taking part.
The veterans of the event took over the makeup of the faces, as well as, prepared the costumes and formed a really big procession that started from the Castle and after two hours reached the beach with an impressive end.
Live music by the percussion instruments, people’s cheering and the lighted torches created a phantasmagoric atmosphere dedicated to Dionysus that everyone will remember for a long time and we hope that next year people will also embrace it.
The three-day Carnival has ended on Sunday morning at Chora with a great participation from crews which have funnily criticized the political and social developments of Naxos and also the rest of the country. Satire and criticism had a strong presence and the event was accompanied by plenty of food, drink and of course dance.
Congratulations belong to the organizers of all of these customs and of course to the people who embraced it massively.
Also to people form all the villages who took part to the happenings of the carnival with their unique way. They have revived old customs and a lot of visitors participated with zeal.
At Apeiranthos the “koudounatoi” have made a remarkable presence away from the village. Many people became enthusiasts with their noisy movements which were provoked by the tied bells at their waist.
They were moving continuously at the narrow roads of the village and came to the main square to interrupt for a while with their ‘noise’ the dance of the people there and then they have returned again. Traditional music and food was once more plenty and prepared from the locals for the visitors.

A great honor had also this year the “kordelatoi-foustanelades” at the villages of Kinidaros, Moni, Egares and Galini. This custom that happens for many years had a large participation and the “Foustanelades” were welcomed by the women of the villages visited, with their tasty foods. On their turn, they returned their hospitality with live music and dance and renewed the appointment for the next year.
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